PJ Haarsma, is a leader in the digital age of business & entertainment.  He is an Emmy winning Producer, Video Game Creator, and Science Fiction Author.

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PJ Haarsma is the Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner of Lionsgate's hit show, Con Man starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. The second season is available on the SyFy Channel iTunes and Amazon Channels.

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PJ Haarsma has never strayed far from advertising. He quit med school and started as a fashion photographer in 1987. He then became a commercial director, and finally a freelance producer. He owns the production company, Redbear Films located in Southern California.

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PJ Haarsma has written, designed, and produced video games from mobile, to web-based and triple AAA console games.

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PJ Haarsma's recent award winning comic, Spectrum is out in stores now. The animated digital version won Best Comic of the Year for 2016.

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PJ has also published four award winning novels with Candlewick/ Random House. The Softwire series is a young adult quartet set in outer space and provides the world for the Spectrum comics.

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